Published: May 06, 2021
Published: May 06, 2021

Tom: ‘Don’t Try to Stay Anonymous!’

When it comes to his customers, Tomas Stribny from our PeoplePulse Support Center (PPSC) goes above and beyond the call of duty to make them happy. In Tom’s case, the customers are his colleagues, and he places employee satisfaction above everything else. He knows that the first step is always revealing the person behind the computer screen!


The Man “Behind the Curtain”

Having joined us in 2015 as part-time Human Resources (HR) support for Scandinavia, Tom is now our senior PPSC partner for German employees and compensation specialist for EMEA and at the global level. He is based in our Shared Service Centre in Brno, Czech Repulic.

His PPSC role sees him supporting colleagues with HR-related tasks throughout their career – from creating contracts and letters, to taking calls, to providing support for navigation in Workday. He offers advice on work-life topics as well as congratulations on life events!

In over 20 years in various corporations, I've rarely seen such natural talent, resonating so smoothly with a customer. Everything seems so easy for Tom.
Peter Lorko, PPSC EMEA Supervisor

As compensation specialist, his focus is more data oriented. He does evaluations of reports to ensure we have the right data. He is also responsible for executing annual compensation cycle activities to make sure salary increases are processed successfully.

I appreciate having contact with colleagues in multiple countries. It helps me train my language and people skills every day.

Setting the Standard in Employee Satisfaction

Tom has recently been recognized as a #PPGProud Hero for truly “making it happen”. His managers are in no doubt that he deserves this level of acknowledgement.

Tom’s team orientation and willingness to help is setting the standard for the entire PPSC organization.
Jana Kalova, PPSC EMEA supervisor

Not only is he among the top three PPSC partners in terms of how many data management cases he processes (316 cases so far this year!), but his customer satisfaction score is a whopping 4.52 out of 5.

He maintains extremely good relationships with HR teams across his areas and receives very positive feedback from internal customers.

I was impressed by the prudence and composure with which Tom led the PPSC team through the hectic period of the annual compensation cycle. I am sure the whole team appreciated the support and effort he invested into individual cases, as well as to improving the process as a whole.
Jana Kalova

But what is Tom’s secret?

Don’t be shy or anonymous in a big corporation like ours. People are always happier to talk to a real person than a nameless position.

He also urges us to never give up – even if things look desperate. He says we should celebrate even a small win from every situation so we can manage better next time.

'If You Can Do Something Special, Talk About It!'

If you thought his work life was impressive, wait till you hear about his spare time!

Tom is part of not one, but two theatre groups. He’s even thinking about setting up a PPG theatre group as he knows we have many hidden talents in the office!

He also plays in a band and back in 2018, they performed at a benefit concert for the whole of Brno SSC in support of Vodici pes, z.s., Brno’s Charity Partner at that time.

I thought this was crazy – we had only ever performed twice in a small club and had no publicity. Nevertheless, the day came and we stood there and did it!

Tom’s other hobbies include genealogy, hiking, volunteering and German and Scandinavian languages.

Basically, I like to learn new things about the countries of the world and share them with others.

Making a Difference

Tom is inspired by his colleagues and supportive team, as well as by management who he considers are “looking beyond the boundaries”.

Tom is super flexible and supportive, he is a great help to many teams around him with a diverse range of topics.
Michal Galas, PPSC Leader EMEA

Having spent two weeks testing a new system at our headquarters in Pittsburgh in 2018 and having been on countless other travel presentations, he’s appreciative of the many opportunities offered to our employees. And he’s #PPGProud of projects like COLORFUL COMMUNITIES®, Charity Partner and other corporate social responsibility activities.

It makes me feel like we care and make a difference.

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