Published: October 13, 2022
Published: October 13, 2022

Tom Söderberg: Tikkurila Is Family – Literally

​At PPG, we are grateful for all employees around the world, including frontline employees who often work behind the scenes in manufacturing facilities, research laboratories, stores and other sites to make it happen. In the “Behind the Paints" series, we introduce you to members of our frontline team and showcase the many ways they run it like they own it – at work and in the community.

Tom Söderberg works in maintenance and repair at our coatings plant in Vantaa, Finland, starting back in 1980. Fresh out of vocational school, he began his career as a summer help and was offered a job after the first summer. Tom's workday consists of repairing and maintaining the factory machinery.

I've enjoyed my time here. There's just something in getting my hands dirty and finding the problems or malfunctions in the machines.

According to Tom, the basics of work haven't changed during his 40-year span with PPG Tikkurila, even after the recent acquisition of the company ​ and new machines rolling in throughout the years. But the plant isn't just work to Tom  it's also family.

"My family history kind of goes hand in hand with Tikkurila's, since besides me, also my brother, my sister and my mother have been working here. I even found my wife at work. It was the beginning of the 2000s when our eyes met at the cafeteria. Now we've been together for almost twenty years."

Tom and his wife, Mari, drive to and from work together, though make sure not to let work take over conversations. He appreciates the friends they have made through the company, regardless.

To me, tradition and history mean that often the old style is a good one. I tend to do things the way I know best.

Watch a video of Tom's story for Tikkurila's 160 anniversary.

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