Published: November 16, 2020
Published: November 16, 2020

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Zuzka Rides Her Motorcycle for a Better Work-Life Balance

Zuzka Haringova, like all of us, is striving to find the perfect work-life balance. Here she shares her approach to challenges, what motivates her, and the lessons she has learned during a tough year. In these turbulent times, she certainly helps put working from home into a positive light.

Motivated by a Job Well Done

Zuzka joined PPG in 2009 as an executive director’s assistant in Slovakia. Over the next eleven years, she’s built her career through many positions from training and development specialist for Slovakia, to compensation and benefits specialist for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and HR manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

She is now our total rewards manager for EMEA East, which means Zuzka is responsible for designing and executing compensation and benefits processes in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Turkey. Her tasks mainly cover executing the annual compensation process, job evaluations and designing compensation packages for employees who are newly hired, promoted, have moved laterally within PPG or expanded their responsibilities.

Zuzka also executes the global total rewards strategy on a regional level, combining her own ideas with her expertise and current market trends – driving continuous improvement and ensuring processes are efficient and aligned to global standards.

My role pushes me to do my best and show my full potential. A sense of accomplishment and a job well done keeps me motivated to continue to exceed expectations.

‘Challenge Yourself and Accept the Challenge’

Zuzka is the kind of person who thinks that challenges move us forward: of course, pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone is difficult, but a managed challenge can take us to unexplored lands and brings great benefits.

I learn new things, expand my knowledge, and reach places or situations I wouldn’t otherwise have reached.

Like many of us, Zuzka’s big challenge is organizing her time and prioritizing her workload through her busy day. But then the pandemic struck, and that shook up her work processes entirely.

Learning What Really Matters

Of course, COVID-19 has meant many changes for us all, and accepting a ‘new normal’ in life.

It has been a huge challenge to balance my personal and professional life working from home, being a mom, employee, teacher and cook, to a satisfactory level all at the same time.

But in true Zuzka style, she has approached the challenge as an opportunity for growth and a “great learning lesson”.

I started thinking about what really matters – spending more time with my loved ones while also having time for my hobbies. It is an important part of my well-being and I keep it up!

Finding Better Health During the Pandemic

The pandemic certainly brought changes to all of our professional lives and working habits, many of us having to work from home.

But Zuzka has noticed a positive outcome from the difficulties.

Based on my personal experience, this new way of working has helped many employees to create a better work-life balance. They now spend more time with their families and loved ones.

She says that a healthy balance between one’s work and personal life is beneficial for us all. This is because we feel happier, more relaxed and less stressed, which improves our productivity and overall health!

Motorcycle Riding to Clear Your Mind

Talking of health, Zuzka is a very active person. She “cannot just sit around and do nothing.”

Her daily routine starts with a morning run or workout at the gym as she finds it’s the best way to energize and prepare herself for the day ahead.

The rush of endorphins always boosts my mood and energy, which leads to a productive day at the office.

But when she wants to be alone with her thoughts or to clear her mind, she turns to a somewhat unconventional activity: motorcycle riding!

I especially enjoy taking part in charity motorcycle rides because I know the proceeds help those who need it most.

Taking this approach when considering our mental well-being at this time as a ‘managed challenge’ and to achieve our desired work-life balance by doing things we love with people we love is important. As Zuzka knows, being a thrill seeker in all you do can really help keep you motivated, even in the quieter moments.

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