Cutting Edge Upgrade for the Auckland Training Center

Major renovations to the Auckland Training Center in New Zealand are ensuring its cutting-edge training services continue well into the future. But our staff, distributors and customers can enjoy the benefits of the revamp right now too!

The Auckland Training Center’s new double prep bay is among the most widely appreciated aspects of facility’s revamp.

The Importance of the Facility

The facility has long played an important role in on-going training for thousands of people in the collision-repair industry. As part of PPG’s regional training network; the facility has hosted a wide range of courses over the years. From information sessions for insurance company personnel to high-level technician training, it’s a great space.

We feel the facility should reflect the industry’s best, in terms of high-productivity and energy-efficient equipment. So, this leading-edge training facility is the perfect place to showcase PPG’s advanced technology product range.

Luke Cosford, training manager, New Zealand

State of the Art Upgrades

  • A new spray booth: The full-downdraft booth features; LED lighting, a fully programmable touch screen interface and an inbuilt air turbulence system. It’s even distribution of hot air promotes quicker cure times, particularly in the lower extremities of a job. A high-capacity SATA three stage air filtration unit supplies the booth.
  • A new double prep bay: This area is fitted with infrared and UV light units on a rail system, and integrated dustless sanding units complete with MIRKA sanders and abrasives. ‘Live’ jobs will supplement work on test panels, to parallel real conditions.
  • A new tint/mixing room: This area is finished with stark white tiles and stainless-steel surfaces. Its glass front and sides make it easy for onlookers to view demonstrations.

Auckland’s state-of-the-art facility will continue to be a valuable resource for the entire company, including those supporting our large commercial transport customer base across New Zealand.

More than ever, it is the ideal place to up-skill a changing workforce.

Luke Cosford, training manager, New Zealand

Auckland Training Centre’s new double prep bay is among the most widely appreciated aspects of facility’s revamp.