Published: September 23, 2021
Published: September 23, 2021

Aurelie Is Making Sustainability and Innovation Accessible for All

Aurelie da Silva is the PPG product market manager involved with one of our top sustainable innovations. Find out more about our solutions, which are not only protecting the façades of the buildings but also saving energy and reducing gas emissions while improving aesthetics!

Aurelie works with us as PPG external thermal insulation and façade product market manager for France. She is involved in every step of producing and marketing our ETICs range (External Thermal Insulation Composite System), which is one of our top innovations in sustainability.

The ETICs solutions took nearly three years from conception to launch and are now making waves on the market. It is the ultimate multi-tasking product, like a sustainability superhero.

Not only does it optimize the energy efficiency of a building and reduce the number of thermal breaks, but it saves energy and money by heating less and favoring more efficient appliances, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It even protects the façade from humidity, improves acoustic insulation as well as the overall aesthetic!

Quality and Sustainability in Every Layer

Aurelie explains the ETICs panels prevent heat loss through inertia or weak thermal conduction. We currently offer a wide range of panels in wood fiber, mineral wool, phenolic foam and expanded polystyrene. Each offers a varying degree of thermal performance, fire resistance and ease of use.

The chosen panels are stuck or screwed to the walls before being covered with a glued mesh and hydraulic plaster like mortar or a ready-to-use organic paste. While plaster is most common and more economical, a ready-to-use base coat allows easier installation, saving time and effort.

A topcoat (commonly an organic render) is then applied and the various grain sizes and colors available help to produce the desired look for the finished façade.

“I Get a Global Overview of the Lifetime of a Product”

Aurelie’s involvement starts right at the very beginning – coordinating research and development (R&D) teams, managing the formula portfolio and acquiring appropriate accreditations. She then helps coordinate product launches and collaborates on strategies for market and messaging. Finally, Aurelie also oversees supplier management and participates in various events, commissions and lobbying groups.

I get a global overview of the lifetime of a product – from its innovation, through launch, all the way to its eventual deletion.

As the ETICs product range’s referent, she enjoys supporting her colleagues with any technical or market questions. She also loves working with all the different teams, locally and internationally.

Working to improve sustainability, reduce our carbon footprint, launch new energy-saving products and help our customers to be more environmentally caring is what truly motivates me.

Helping Move Sustainability Forward

At PPG, we are committed to the European Commission’s climate-change initiative, European Green Deal, which aims to eradicate net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050 and see economic growth decoupled from resource use.

One way the European Commission believes we can all improve the well-being and health of citizens and future generations is through the renovation of buildings to be more energy efficient. With products like ETICs, we are at the helm of this essential environmental movement.

Our teams are very involved in union work, allowing the installation of more durable systems on façades (especially with the use of bio-based materials such as wood fiber) and on low-carbon-impact buildings.

While ETICs products are revolutionizing façade insulation all over France, Aurelie continues to seek new sustainable solutions and find answers to our future customers’ needs.

It makes me #PPGProud to be working in a global organization on global projects with different people and cultures. PPG is deeply involved in helping communities, and these social values create impact.