Published: August 01, 2018
Published: August 01, 2018

Celebrating Healthy Minds, Bodies & Spirits - Part 1

At PPG, we have a global initiative to create a culture of health where employees become responsible for their individual well-being through active participation in our health and wellness activities.

Our sites around EMEA have been busy organizing several wellness events focusing on the results from the 2017 sustainability report, mainly on nutrition, exercise, health and mindfulness.  We have been working hard to improve our wellness sustainability and are constantly striving towards our goals for 2025, which is to implement wellness programs in 100 percent of our facilities.

Birstall, UK 

During Wellness Week, which took place between the 11th-15th June, the Birstall office created a series of activates which included health MOTs, stress management workshops and also an introduction to life coaching. Various healthy meal options were available throughout the week from the site Canteen at subsidized prices, staff had the opportunity to enjoy a free healthy breakfast on one morning and free fruit snacks were also available on Friday.

Brno, Czech Republic

On the 6th June, our employees in Brno, Czech Republic had a lovely wellness breakfast to promote a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. The delicious breakfast contained loads of fresh fruit, vegetables and healthy sugar-free herbal lemonades. 

Brno Share Service Center organizes various wellness activities throughout the year. These include different types of sports such as jogging, yoga and other classes led by our colleagues.

The favorite activity in Brno was the ‘Outdoor Day’, where all employees went out of the office for half a day.  They spent their time doing team building activities, listened to educational sporting lectures and took part in garden workshop.

Prague, Czech Republic

On the 14th of July, nearly 50 members of staff from different PPG departments took a part in a running event called ‘Pražská štafeta’ (Prague Relay). This was a 5km race and we had a total of 12 PPG teams involved. The fastest team from PPG called ‘Hungry Panthers’ placed 58 out of 700 teams. This event was a great success and we hope it will become a tradition.

PPG Deco Czech Republic and Slovakia

To promote healthy lifestyles, 26 employees from the Czech Republic and 17 from Slovakia took part in a worldwide initiative called ‘Bike to Work’. The winner of this competition was Marek Láznička, EHS Manager, who rode 524 km. As well as the cycling teams, we also had one team of runners called, ‘Berušky a Brouk Pytlík’. Jaroslav Vyčichlo, Sales Support Manager, ran 300 km and placed 18th in the overall national statistics.


We recently set up a long-term partnership with HelloFysio, a physiotherapy company. HelloFysio believes in a new way of physiotherapy, in which employees with physical troubles, such as back and shoulder discomfort, can be treated at home or at work via webcam, telephone or on the internet.

The first information session took place during Wellness Week, which was held from the 18th to the 22nd of June. Individuals could also register for a free FysioCheck at work, with each check lasting 30 minutes.

On Friday 22nd of June, the Wellness Week finished with our traditional volleyball competition. 13 wildly enthusiastic teams including two from Belgium and one from Germany competed for the title. In the final, Les Strangers collided with Hip Hoi De Reunie, the latter managed to win the cup! We hope to welcome even more teams next year!

Stay tuned for the 2nd part of this story which we will publish on Wednesday 8th of August!