Published: August 08, 2018
Published: August 08, 2018

Celebrating Healthy Minds, Bodies & Spirits – Part 2

Last week, we introduced you to the first part of our global wellness initiative which aims to foster a global culture of health. Below are even more wellness programs offered at our sites around EMEA. The activities include dietitian advice, onsite fitness classes and massage therapy.

From our 2017 Sustainability Report which heavily focused on wellness, we expected each of our sites to have a wellness committee to communicate our wellness messages and implement the various programs. Let’s see what our EMEA sites have been doing to promote wellness at work.


For one week in June, we had specific activities and information sessions about important health topics. The first day was about the risks associated with direct sun & how to prevent skin damage, then the other events were on nutrition, clear vision, ergonomics and healthy eating. Special thanks must go to Stela Tomescu, EHS Manager, who organized these special days in June.


In Rubí, we held several wellness activities throughout June and the most popular ones being the family tree top climbing event, the postural re-education classes, and the relaxation pallet picnic bench painting. Moreover, other activities are also organized throughout the year; including ping-pong tournaments, healthy cooking activities, pilates/yoga classes, and we have a weekly physio service.

Rolle, Switzerland

To promote exercise at work, we have bikes for employees, to allow individuals to go on beautiful scenic rides. In the office to help staff relax, we set up massage stations and breathing sessions. These special programs take place on a monthly basis.

We also have ongoing activities, which include annual medical check-ups and a healthy monthly breakfast or a connect and lunch club, which has been perfect for catching up with colleagues and sharing information.


At the Rueil offices, we decided to focus our activities on overall wellness, which included:

  • Tips to manage stress, we created breathing awareness exercises and classes on the best meditation techniques
  • Nutrition: A dietician gave talks on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and we handed out fruit box to employees. We also produced a nutritious vegetarian menu at the staff restaurant.
  • Sport: we partnered with a local sports faciality to offer our staff free sport classes
  • All in all, 78 employees participated in these activities

In Bezons, we created a fun activity to promote exercise and healthy eating, which included:

  • ‘Smoothie bike’ - you had to pedal to activate a blend and make a fruit smoothie. It was great to see that more than 100 people participated in this activity

In Gonfreville, the wellness week was fully devoted to sport:

  • 40 employees took part in a number of sporting events including archery, badminton, speedball and our own version of  the Olympics games
  • We ended the day with a nutrition quiz and our staff walked away with personal meal plan

At the Marly & Saultain sites, several wellness activities were organized which included:

  • Sports: staff had fun playing table tennis, table football, golf and archery
  • Nutrition: fresh fruit juice and fruit boxes were given to all employees at the food conference
  • Well-being: relaxation workshops were set up offering phototherapy, massages and sleep advice.


In June, all our sites across Poland organized a number of wellness activities, which included:

  • Sports: fishing and mountain rallies
  • Nutrition: Lectures on "do you know what you eat?” and “how to read labels!
  • Health: Super fruit juices for everyone and free staff tickets to the local pool and escape room

We hope everyone has found these wellness events useful and now understands how to live a healthier life.


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