Published: April 08, 2020
Published: April 08, 2020

Damiano Shares Tips on Staying Positive and Healthy

In these times of the Coronavirus crisis with so much confusing and conflicting information flying around, it is good to know that we can have a reliable source we can trust. At PPG, environment, health and safety (EHS) helps ensure the wellbeing of our people. Damiano D’Acunzo, EHS operational excellence and integrations manager, EMEA, shares with us his story and valuable tips that can help us to stay positive and healthy.

COVID-19 isn’t the first critical situation Damiano has seen. However, for him, the lesson is always the same:

Rather than catastrophizing about a crisis and letting stress take over, we have to maintain a positive attitude and work on things we are able to influence. This is what we are doing at PPG, and it allows us to manage the crisis properly.

Story of Continuous Improvement and Risk Management

Damiano lives with his family in Italy. He joined our engineering and maintenance organization in Caivano 20 years ago before moving over to EHS, first at site level in 2003 and then for the EMEA EHS Organization from 2006.

"I love working for EHS. It has given me a fantastic opportunity to meet people from all over the world. This experience has enriched me from both a human and professional point of view."

Damiano took up his current position this year. His team and the Corporate EHS Organization work hard developing and sharing good practices for the physical and mental health and wellbeing of us all at PPG. These include excellence programs such as risk recognition and reduction, human and organizational performance, and powered industrial trucks safety.

Of course, this is a never-ending story. It’s a journey of continuous improvement and risk elimination. The biggest recognition of all our efforts is seeing people going home safely.

Like for many of us, life has changed a lot in recent months for Damiano, especially living in the most impacted European country.

What Is Damiano’s Advice During This Time?

Undoubtedly, mental wellbeing is essential. With this in mind, Damiano has put together some essential tips that we can all use to maintain both our physical and mental health during these challenging times.

We all need to do our best to eliminate negative emotions from our work and family environment as these can be as contagious and as toxic as the virus itself.

We do need to conform to PPG and government restrictions because avoiding close contact with others is the best way to defeat the virus. But do keep in touch with family, friends, and colleagues via Skype or phone calls.

If you feel overwhelmed, please tell your friends or loved ones. Or talk to your colleagues as they will certainly help you. And do not hesitate to contact your doctor if it’s more serious.

Consider limiting how much news you consume as it can cause anxiety and distress. A big part of taking care of our mental health is looking after our physical health. That means it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat a proper diet, get enough sleep and exercise, and avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

Damiano’s Working-from-Home Tips

It is very important to stay motivated and engaged while working from home. However, this can prove to be a challenge for many of us. That’s why Damiano has put together some useful and practical advice which should help you.

Configure your workstation to ensure all work-related things are accessible when seated. Adjust your keyboard, mouse, and monitor to ensure a comfortable and ergonomic position. Don’t overload power outlets and ensure connectors, plugs and outlets are free from any obvious external damage.

“It is important to set clear objectives for each working day. This allows us to stay focused and meet our deadlines.”

Maintain active communication with your colleagues to align on tasks, exchange opinions and get advice. Skype is great for calls and meetings. Plus, don’t forget to give yourself breaks at defined times. These are important to boost productivity. Do some stretching exercises and be sure to take a full lunch break.

“Stay away from your computer during breaks. You will feel re-energized when you return to your desk.”

Staying Home and Staying Healthy

Damiano points out that our EHS organization has helped to create an excellent internal website that provides colleagues with all essential info for the current situation.

Let’s follow these simple recommendations and stay safe during these challenging times. Of course, if you’d like any further advice or assistance, get in touch with your local EHS support.