Published: September 21, 2021
Published: September 21, 2021

Dominika Talks About Living Green and Working from Home

In our second PPG Green Week (a week full of events and stories dedicated to the promotion of environmental sustainability in PPG) story, we meet talent operations specialist Dominika Kopecova and learn about some excellent upcoming workshops on the themes of sustainability in everyday life and making the most of working from home. While for many of us, lockdown was tough, she had to become the master of multitasking in all areas of her life, as you will read!

“Finding Passion in Lifelong Learning”

Dominika joined us in September 2019 as a learning specialist, working full time while completing her last year of university.

The first lockdown was difficult for everyone, but it was a particularly crazy time for Dominika, who was working full time, preparing for her exams and planning a wedding!

I am very happy I got through this time with the support of my team and manager. I really believe anything is manageable with some support – don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Then in July 2021, she joined our global talent operations team as a specialist for the learning system “Evolve!”. She works on learning-related projects and provides support and solutions to make learning more user friendly across PPG. Dominika is also a member of the Brno Wellness and Internal Trainers teams.

My role links different aspects of learning and I really love learning, so this is the right place for me.

“Master Your Home Office” Workshop

During the difficult lockdown period, Dominika attended a helpful external training session on working from home and immediately felt it would be beneficial for all employees.

She teamed up with Hicham Bendifallah, collection specialist for France, to create the “Master Your Home Office” workshop, which covers things like staying motivated and focused, avoiding procrastination, improving work relationships and achieving a good work-life balance.

Our aim is to provide tips, methods and approaches to making the most of your home office, and a space for sharing experiences and learning from one another.

The workshop is held in English and Czech and is available for all Brno employees. Having received excellent feedback after the first five sessions, more are scheduled during the fall. And it is to become part of the EMEA Finance training academy, too.

A Passion for the Planet

In addition to a love of learning, another of Dominika’s passions is sustainability.

We see the consequences of climate warming everywhere, each day. I understand that we cannot stop it, but we can at least slow it down.

While many people insist individuals can’t make an impact, Dominika strongly disagrees. She believes in the power of the ripple effect.


An example she tells us is that after she replaced her use of plastic bags with tote bags, her husband followed too. Then she gave some to her parents, who also stopped using plastic bags. Then they gifted some to a friend... and so the ripple travels outward.

It’s so easy, yet effective. Everyone has to start with themselves, with simple micro steps.

Micro Steps for Everyday Sustainability

Reusable bags, reusable cups, glass or metal straws, using public transport or a bicycle… these are just a few of Dominika’s suggestions.

We do not need to make all changes at once. But we can implement one new habit a month. If everyone took part, we could bring about big changes.

Other ways to reduce your environmental impact include bringing your own reusables, refusing single-use plastic, composting, turning lights and A/C off, supporting local businesses and farmers’ markets, choosing eco cosmetics and slow fashion.

Dominika notes that one good thing about working from home, is that it is more ecofriendly, thanks to reduced traffic pollution and unpackaged lunches and snacks (which are probably healthier too!).

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Dominika also works with some human rights groups, usually providing translations of articles about deforestation, climate migration, and lack of water and food.

We need to think about sustainability in the bigger picture and see how it is all connected.

This is one of the reasons she’s proud of our various activities and initiatives. Not just for employees (like fruit days, yoga sessions, outdoor days and courses) but for the community, too.

Earlier this year, when a tornado destroyed several villages in the South Moravia region, we all pulled together to provide much needed support. Our colleagues were able to organize a money collection among themselves and PPG matched every Euro they raised with an additional two Euros thanks to the Disaster Relief funds.

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