Published: May 27, 2019
Published: May 27, 2019

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Kanchana Strives for a Sustainable Future

Kanchana Ramanujam, PPG executive, Asian Paints, India works in the technical team in Chennai. She has recently won an award for her involvement in developing sustainable coatings.

Kanchana joined us in 2014 after taking a career break to look after her baby son. She’s had three role changes in the past four years and worked on various projects.

Kanchana looks after the overall evaluation of new raw material and cost optimization. She also finds alternate suppliers for RMs and even converts dead stock materials.

I get to work with various stakeholders and this exposure helps me understand different perspectives.  My role gives me opportunities to learn and acquire knowledge on a daily basis, which I consider the best part of my job and the one which I enjoy the most.

Kanchana Received Prestigious Award for the 2nd Time

One of her landmark achievements was being awarded the Indian Paint Association (IPA) award for the second time. The PPG Asian Paints automotive technology team won this year at the 29th Indian Paint Conference in Agra, with Kanchana taking first place for her review paper about trends in biodegradable coatings.

Kanchana says she’s proud to be recognized for her efforts at The Indian Paint Conference, organized by the IPA. This is the paint industry’s largest trade show in the country. It brings together a wide variety of participants, including paint manufacturers, raw materials suppliers and environmental advisors.

Seven team members from PPG participated in the conference, which focuses on market disruptions and the continual need for innovation. The event aims to generate ideas for products that can be developed by the automotive industry.

Winning 1st place is a dream come true and is one of the happiest moments in my career. The award reiterates my career philosophy that hard work never goes unrewarded.

Ramanujam’s review article presents an overview of biodegradable polymers currently in use, as well as new developments in their synthesis and application. The paper covers the main motivation for developing bio-based polymers, these are what make sustainable coatings biodegradable, which is really important to the public!

Biodegradable materials are used in packaging, agriculture, medicine and other areas. In recent years there has been an increased interest in biodegradable polymers. Again, to reduce the carbon emission we have to go for next generation.

Striving Forwards for a Sustainable Future

Working in this fast-paced, dynamic environment, Kanchana is aware of the environmental issues we face. She’s really interested in sustainable coatings!

In the recent past there has been a huge impact on the environment due to rapid development of mankind. This impact will only be negated unless we all work towards creating a sustainable environment. The coating industry plays a major role in enhancing the usability and life of various products thereby creating a lesser impact on the environment.

Keeping Motivated

Being a mother is something Kanchana is extremely proud of and her family are supportive of her career and progression. On her experience at PPG and female roles, Kanchana explains:

Here, all employees are given equal opportunities and avenues are open to everyone who is deserving irrespective of gender. My family has also been very supportive in all my career decisions. With our company having a global presence and products across many industries, we impact the lives of millions of people. Our efforts in creating products that are sustainable and initiatives that focus on engaging with communities makes me #PPGProud.