Published: February 16, 2022
Published: February 16, 2022

Mirela and Her Team’s Positive Impact on Plant Hygiene

Our chemist engineer Mirela Olaru is a valued member of our research and development team in Bucharest, Romania. For her, cleanliness is an essential part of any work environment, an aspect she is passionate about. Let’s hear more from a woman who takes great pride in what she does.

Plant Hygiene = Data + Dedication

Mirela is one of our chemist engineers in the research and development (R&D) department in Bucharest, as well as a member of the Plant Hygiene Center of Excellence (CoE).

As the name suggests, the Plant Hygiene CoE is responsible for ensuring plant hygiene, and it’s a much more complex activity than it sounds. It involves drawing up manuals and procedures as well as providing staff training. There is a huge research requirement, too, including transposing information from the food industry to ours, hygienic design, good work practices, treatment systems, etc.

We have acquired data over years of study related to processes and devices that could help keep the facility and our products properly treated, clean and sanitized.

The site has seen a lot of improvements to its plant hygiene over the years, with new equipment installed in recent months. The audit results get better all the time. The team’s microbiology protection strategy has had a significant impact on reducing the number of customer complaints and making us more competitive in the market.

Mirela also runs training courses on plant hygiene procedures and systems to increase awareness among operators and managers from different departments. These training courses focus on production, maintenance, logistics, administrative and quality control (QC) teams.

The CoE has a transformative role in the evolution, growth and education of plant hygiene.

R&D Is “Beautiful”

She started her career with us 19 years ago in the QC department before moving into the accredited laboratory, and then finally into R&D, where her “constant concern” is reading about materials, technology, lab test methods, standards, legislation…

My career path has allowed me to grow, to develop, to gain experience during the years in different departments through different responsibilities.

Today, Mirela is responsible for researching, testing and identifying new projects and growth opportunities. She has to stay on top of documentation and developments in various fields, from raw materials to microbiology, from cleaning techniques to systems programs.

The beautiful part of R&D is that there are many opportunities for innovation and improvement.

“Every Day Comes with Its Challenges”

Mirela tells us there are six chemist engineers in the R&D department, including their manager and team leader, plus four lab assistants.

The Bucharest site produces our OSKAR® and DANKE® brands, including water-based and solvent-based products like dispersions, plasters, enamels, varnishes, primers, and more.

Every day comes with its challenges. Some expected, others less so. But I'm not alone. I always have the support of my great team. My colleagues are my second family.

Mirela relishes the chance to collaborate and learn from other professionals in the field and to “improve her skills in a continuous and sustained way.”


“#PPGProud to Know I Did It”

Mirela really does believe that at PPG, we do better today than yesterday.

I'm constantly learning and making a positive impact. And I feel this positive impact in the feedback from the people around me.

But above all, she is most proud that we place such value on protecting and beautifying the world. This is one of her purest values, not only as a professional but as a person.

Every time I see our Oskar and Danke products on shop shelves, I feel emotion. I think: That's the one, I did it. I am happy and proud to know I contributed to them.

Actively Helping Those in Need

Mirela lives in a small city one hour outside of Bucharest with her two children and husband. She loves to spend time with them when not at work.

It is not easy being a commuter and a mother and wife. I have never braided my daughter’s hair before school. I served breakfast with them only at weekends. My husband understands my passion for work and supports me in everything I do. Their love and care motivate me so much. I'm very grateful to them.

Somehow, Mirela and her husband find time to organize local initiatives to help children and the elderly in need, alone or with health issues.

Being helpful to others brings the kind of joy that can’t be measured. It is wonderful.

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