Published: August 22, 2019
Published: August 22, 2019

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Putting the Wealth into Health

As the old saying goes, “a healthy body makes a healthy mind”. That’s why at PPG, we make sure our colleagues get ample opportunity to keep themselves in tip-top condition – both physically and mentally. Through our global wellness initiative, we regularly organize a selection of activities that combines both fun and health, and here are just some of them.

We Like to Ride Our Bicycles

At our Czech and Slovak offices, colleagues were just itching to get back into the saddle for our “Bike to Work” program. Not only do we encourage employees to peddle their way to good health, but we also added a competitive edge to spice things up a little. An impressive 49 cyclist in 14 teams participated, but there were two clear winners.

And the Winners Were…

Not for the first time, Marek Laznicka, EHS Manager, Czech Republic, was the cycling champ and clocked up an impressive 389 km. While Slovamir Sopko, warehouseman in Petrovany, Slovakia, rode 261 km. Congratulations on two incredible performances and to everyone who took part.

Best Foot Forward

There is no better and simpler way to stay in shape than with a brisk walk. To reflect this, PPG, Slovakia’s special event, “Let’s Walk”, awarded  Peter Netri, store manager, who achieved the greatest number of steps.
However, 80 of our colleagues, representing six nationalities, wanted to turn up the pace a bit. So, on June 27, 21 PPG teams took part in the five-kilometer Prague Relay race – a truly impressive feat.

Wellness in the Workplace

Since 2011, PPG colleagues at Brno SSC, Czech Republic have enjoyed a dedicated Wellness Team. Employees can join regular activities ranging from health screenings, lectures on nutrition to ski trips and stress relief workshops. Whether it is health, beauty or a stress-free environment, we believe wellness means a better working life for all.

Enter the Dragon Boat During Outdoor Day

Very good atmosphere, music, dragon boats and of course food.
Our Brno colleagues don’t only enjoy healthier bodies and minds in their offices. In June, they put paddle to water to prove their might in a dragon boat race during Outdoor Day. And there was outdoor yoga for those preferring something a little more serene. With cocktails, ice cream, and a welcome BBQ for everyone, it was the perfect way to relax together.