Published: September 06, 2019
Published: September 06, 2019

Putting the Wealth into Health – Part 2

Following on from part one of this three-parter about our international wellness initiative, we continue in our trip around the world. We bring you some of the impressive ways our colleagues are implementing better health into their lives!

Complementary Medicine for a Healthier Lifestyle

PPG Greece decided to bring the mysteries of the Orient to enlighten their colleagues in the shape of a wellness seminar. This mindfulness session included a Reiki master and a Chinese medicine practitioner, who spread the positive benefits of using such approaches to health among the team.

Meanwhile, our Italian colleagues at our Milano and Lainate sites learned how to eat themselves well with vegetables, fruit and healthy drinks. Bursting with vitamins and goodness, these activities promoted the idea that you truly are what you eat – respecting your body and your mind leads to a better sense of being. At Quattordio and Casaletto Vaprio, they also took flexibility in the workplace to a new level with physiotherapeutic stretching and yoga courses.

And what better way to demonstrate their better physiques than with outdoor exercise? So, colleagues at our Cavallirio site organized a walk in support of their charity partner, The Foundation for Research on Cystic Fibrosis, through national geopark, Sesia Val Grande.

Adding a Little Friendly Competitiveness into the Mix

Not to be outdone by their international colleagues, staff in the Netherlands enjoyed healthy food, a chair massage and a game of tennis.

You would think that would be enough for even the most physically fit among us, but no… Add to that a victory in a 19-kilometer Strong Viking Run Water Edition! At our Den Bosch site, there was free physiotherapeutic advice. This included a checkup and information on how to prevent and cure physical problems.

Our Belgian colleagues opted for a grueling 75 km or 156 km cycling tour. You feel exhausted just reading about it!

The Dutch and Belgian colleagues met for their traditional beach volleyball competition. Everyone threw themselves into the spirit of things, but after a heated battle, it was the Belgian team, Les Strangers, who were the overall champions.

The Hunger Games

Our whistle-stop tour now arrives in Poland, where they managed to pack not only volleyball, basketball and foosball into this summer but also trekking. Is all this talk of sport and walking making you hungry? You are not alone, and that’s why our team from Gdynia rounded off their forest hike by toasting their tired feet with sausages and a good time shared around the bonfire.

But the focus of our wellness initiatives is not just about us, there is very much a sense of helping others around us who are less fortunate. PPG Poland’s participation in a charity run, Firm Run 2019, helped raise money for the Everest Foundation.

After our Wellness Week in Poland, our colleagues from PPG GBS Poland found they had a lot of tasty fruit and vegetables left over. So, our colleague, Zinaida Kunicka, order management specialist, took what they couldn’t eat to a local social fridge to share with people in need from the area.

And there’s more, but you will have to wait for the third and final installment of our global tour. Until next time, look after yourselves!