Published: September 23, 2019
Published: September 23, 2019

Putting the Wealth into Health – Part 3

The final part of our three-parter is here. And what a whirlwind world of wellness it has been! Some of the ways in which our colleagues have been eating, thinking and exercising to promote a healthy lifestyle have been truly remarkable.

At our Valladolid plant, Spain, cooking and craft workshops mixed food with creativity. To keep our colleagues in tip-top condition they have been on long walks with their families and even had free access to gyms.

Sustainable Commitment

Meanwhile, in Rolle, Switzerland, they take our promise WE PROTECT AND BEAUTIFY THE WORLD™ to heart. To cut down on unnecessary plastic waste our colleagues have been using recyclable mugs to reduce their harmful impact on the environment.

On the personal health side, colleagues received workplace cardiovascular and spirometric health checks as well as seated massages. And continuing our tradition of healthy food, a bio food truck provided locally sourced and eco-responsible vegetarian meals with fresh homemade goodies to give the working day a healthy boost.

Eat and Think Yourself Healthy

At PPG Romania, colleagues spent a day learning about the nutritional value of adding color to what they eat with fruit and vegetables. While in the UK, our team received chair massages, advice on stress management and emotional wellbeing. Alongside, smoothies and healthy and tasty options in the canteen.

The focus for Russia’s wellness week was very much on having a healthy body and mind. At our Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Togliatti, Kolomna and Lipetsk sites, there were different activities and lessons for each day of the week. Every morning started with exercising, yoga and zumba. And to replace some of the energy burned, this physical exertion was followed by a very healthy breakfast.

Be Aware and Stay Well

As we go through our daily lives, sometimes we are too busy to take proper care of ourselves. But as our Russian colleagues learned, it only takes a few minutes to monitor things such as moles, our eyes and our stress levels. With wellness-based lessons, PPG Russia now knows how to stop smoking, prevent strokes, heart attacks, HPV and other related illnesses, and do eco-cooking. What a healthy and tasty lifestyle change!

The last day of the week was all about being outdoors. Three of the sites went rafting, cycling and teambuilding in an ecozone. Even the kids got involved as there was a drawing contest called “Dad, Mom and me – are a sport family”. Having a healthy family and teaching young people to care about themselves and the world around them is a valuable life lesson.

We all had so much fun during the wellness program and we learned a lot about why it is important to keep a healthy lifestyle. Sounds like a fantastic result to us!