Published: May 23, 2018
Published: May 23, 2018

Reducing CO2 Emissions - PPG’s paint delivered by bicycle!

Building supplies are now being delivered to Utrecht city center construction sites by a cargo bicycle courier service in the Netherlands. PPG are supporting this new, eco-friendly method of transport which is proving to be a great success.

Sustainable Bicycle Initiative

There is a growing requirement to create a sustainable planet, and vehicle transport currently accounts for 70% of the CO2 emissions in large cities. As a result, Utrecht city center has become increasingly pedestrianized, restricting the number of delivery vehicles which can drive though the city. However, there are still numerous construction and maintenance projects being carried out, and these new developments require building materials and resources.

Wits, an Utrecht property maintenance company, invited various members of the Industry Association, Lage Weide to participate in a ‘think tank’. The main issue raised, from a sustainability perspective, was how companies can effectively transport all materials to city center sites.

We need to prevent separate delivery vans driving into the city for one project.

Rocco van Dick, key account manager, Sigma Coatings

With the need to reduce CO2 emissions, Sigma Coatings and Wits teamed up to implement the bicycle courier service.

Standing Out

Sigma Coatings staff Rocco van Dick and Bert de Gier helped create this new bicycle scheme. During a 13-week pilot study, all materials needed for four maintenance projects were transported from one industrial site to Utrecht city center using bike power only! The electric cargo bicycles and riders were provided by Fietskoerier, a uniquely Netherlands collective, consisting of 15 bicycle courier companies who together cover every major town and city in the Netherlands.

After discussions with the customers about sustainability, it was clear that this new bike program is a great new development, which we are responding well too.
Bert de Gier, key account manager, Sigma Coatings