Published: December 01, 2021
Published: December 01, 2021

Richard Shines a Green Beacon of Hope for the Planet

Are you looking at the world around us and wondering what you can do to help protect it? One person who also has a deep love for our planet is Richard Hallett, PPG senior supply chain analyst at our Stowmarket site in the UK. He is a major ambassador for sustainability and eco-friendly solutions, not just at work, but at home too!

Richard has a very keen interest in our renewable energy and climate action focus. Having been with us for 20 years, he’s perfectly aware of the progress we’re making in reaching our sustainability goals.

He believes that when a company is as big as ours, it needs to remain agile in order to stay at the forefront of climate change, and that communicating the positives of sustainability is key.

Keeping Every Link Strong

Looking after resins from procurement to planning, he is responsible for managing the resin supply chain and ensuring continuous 24/7 production by making sure all raw materials required are ready for the team when they need them.

I enjoy the challenge the supply chain brings, ensuring every link in the chain remains strong.

Richard tells us that the supply chain has a major role to play in us achieving our sustainability goals as it has to be seamlessly aligned to ensure all resources are used in the best possible way. COVID-19 has put a spotlight on supply chains.

It can often seem like a puzzle, balancing supply and service with available resources while maximizing output. Achieving the lowest possible number of cleans by sequencing batches perfectly is part of the conundrum I enjoy so much. It is very satisfying.

Richard the Eco Ambassador

At home, he makes sure his family wastes as little food as possible and that his kids turn off the faucet when cleaning their teeth. The family is switching out harsh chemical cleaning products for more environmentally friendly options and reducing their meat consumption. They even have an electric car!

After driving electric, I would never go back! Every aspect of sustainability is reflected in my personal life.

In fact, he’s so passionate about the cause, that he made the “very unpopular decision” to sacrifice a family vacation to install solar panels on the roof instead!

The Benefits of Going Solar

Richard has always been keen on having solar panels, but for years they were simply too expensive. However, as the technology improved and costs came down, he was finally able to make his dream a reality in 2019.

I squeezed as much solar onto my roof as space would allow (4.2 kW) and paired this with a 10 kW home battery.

The battery ensures that every bit of power is captured on a normal working day when the home is empty. Then, when the family is home, the house can be powered almost entirely by the battery.
They have even switched to a 100%-green energy supplier, so not only do they pay wholesale prices, but there are times the prices go negative!

I get paid to use electricity… a great time to charge up the car!

The latest addition to the family home has been Solar Thermal, which converts the sun's energy into heat for hot water. The system is designed to supply at least 70% of the family’s yearly requirement, further reducing their reliance on gas.

Richard’s Tips for Greening Your Energy

Richard says that if you’re trying to work out how to generate your own electricity, you should first look at how you can reduce your consumption.

The rule is always insulation before installation.

He says that while renewables are probably not possible for those who live in flats or don’t own their own home, there are still many ways of making more sustainable energy choices.

Look at shifting to an energy provider supplying green electricity or one that rewards for off-peak usage. You can also opt for A-class energy electricals and LED bulbs.

Richard is a green-energy-powered beacon for the rest of us to be inspired by and to follow. If you are a PPG employee, make sure you follow Richard’s green tips on Yammer.

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