Published: February 07, 2018
Published: February 07, 2018

Upcycling Competition: Creating Art From Junk

From March to November 2017 the Balakryl brand was once again synonymous with the creativity and fun that comes with upcycling.

The creative competition named Balakryl RECY věci received over eighty applicants this year. The contest, held in the Czech Republic, saw applicants rebuilding, painting and revitalizing used items and junk with the help of Balakryl paints.

Workshop Wonders

In June 2017, forty competition finalists attended a fantastic workshop with specialist designers. These workshops ran for two days and old items were given a second chance to shine. Everyone developed their own rhythm and style, but all with a clear goal, to make a new, original piece.

Pavlina’s Makeover Story

Pavlína Janků one of the participants, decided to select anything recycled from metal that caught her eye in the collection yard: old canisters, metal bowls, lavatories and a serving tray. She was busy removing all the rusty patches and old coatings from the mental.

Then Pavlina quickly moved onto cutting the containers into the desired shapes for what was soon to be a chair! The pots were then welded with help from the experts.

For the final touches, she picked the mat cover color, Balakryl Uni. In no time she had built a chair and table from objects out of the junkyard. Her creative idea, combined with skillful craftsmanship resulted in a well-deserved 3rd place.

The Final Showdown

The results were stunning with some outstanding transformations. The overall winner was Vendula Brendlová with her unique wine table made from old wooden boards and the legs from a bar stool. In close second, was Michaela Deverová with her chairs named, 'Gemini', and judges were most fascinated by a hanger named, 'Náš František', from Kateřina Bursíková.

The jury announced the winner on public auction on November 28th. The best six objects were auctioned off at the event and the rest auctioned online. As a result of this competition, we are pleased to announce that over €2500 has been donated to the educational center Tereza. This charity is an educational center for kids, collaborating with over 750 schools and 5,000 parents.

Tereza also has three long-term education programs for schools with international environments: Ekoškola, GLOBE and Les at school.