Caring for Consumers with Design Thinking

The inventive concept of design thinking was on full display at PPG’s Global Business Services (GBS) facility in Wroclaw, Poland. More than 60 area professionals recently descended on the site to participate in the 2019 Wroclaw Service Jam.

During the hands-on weekend event, participants, including eight GBS representatives, worked together to design professional services inspired by nothing more than the word ‘blue.’

“Design thinking is rooted in empathy and user experiences. It requires teams to think from the customer perspective and understand how doing so can help improve the delivery of products and services.

Monika Hojda, PPG office manager GBS & Wroclaw Service Jam participant

If you’re a PPG employee and have access to the PPG network you can view this video on our internal network HERE or on PPG People Facebook.

To kick off the Wroclaw Service Jam, teams engaged in creative ‘blue’ brainstorms to determine the direction of their design projects. These ranged from services to address heavy smartphone usage and riverfront development.

Following design thinking methodology, the groups identified the core problems associated with their topic and examined them through the lens of their customers. To complete the project they developed prototypes, including mobile apps, that explored potential solutions.

This was an amazing experience. It really challenged me to think differently about the customer experience. It was a great place to learn how to create a detailed service model, and to meet and work with peers from different companies in Wroclaw.

Monika Hojda, PPG office manager GBS & Wroclaw Service Jam participant

The Wroclaw Service Jam was part of the 2019 Global Service Jam, which featured Jams in more than 100 cities around the globe.