Published: February 28, 2020
Published: February 28, 2020

Three Initiatives, Seven Hospitals, One PPG France

When around 400 colleagues from just one country can come together for a common cause, you know that something remarkable is about to take place. This is precisely what happened when teams from across France united to support AFM-Téléthon, a patient organization, in their fight against neuro-muscular diseases, rare genetic disorders that kill muscle after muscle. The story that follows consists of a number of internal fundraising activities, donations from a national sales event, and not one, but seven COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® projects. But that was just the tip of the iceberg!

The French fundraising Téléthon event is hosted annually in the first week of December with the cooperation of hundreds of thousands of volunteers, participants and artists through a 30-hour public television program, aired on the French public TV channels.

The Magnificent Seven

In December of last year, a month when many people are winding down for Christmas, our French colleagues were gearing up to make a difference to the lives of others. As a continuation of our ongoing partnership with AFM-Téléthon, after months of planning, our colleagues united across France to kick off their activities by repainting and refreshing seven hospitals in seven communities.

For the renovation projects, customers and hospital staff joined our 400 colleagues. Together, they donated 3,000 hours of their time to makeover pediatric services departments of hospitals in Paris, Nancy, Lille, Brest, Lyon, Bordeaux and Marseille. Armed with over 1,300 liters of paint, they dedicated themselves to repainting and rejuvenating the halls and corridors of each hospital, totaling 3,700 m2. They used SEIGNEURIE® Elyopur paint as it is formulated specially to have a very low volatile organic compound content, making it perfect for healthcare facilities.

I can think of no better example of the commitment and integrity of our employees than this project.
Pascal Tisseyre, general manager, Architectural Coatings, EMEA South

Their joint efforts brought new life to these very worthwhile institutions, making them more welcoming for the patients and staff – adding an appreciated serenity and comfort to the hospitals’ environments. Visitors to these hospitals and those people working there can now experience a calmer atmosphere, as the colors help to evoke a more positive vibe.

Helping to Forget Suffering for a Moment

In Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux, the hospitals also received unique murals. Artist Arthur Dorval created the wall painting in Paris. He decorated the 12-meter-long “Corridor of Effort” with a design composed of 42 different colors.

If the beauty of the color of the walls and the quality of the multicolored frescoes can make them forget their suffering for a few moments, that is irreplaceable, especially given that behind the colors rests the values of the united commitment of PPG as a company to give back to the community.
Christian Cottet, managing director, Téléthon

Putting the Fun into “Fun”draising

Many people could be satisfied with their contribution of repainting seven hospitals, but not our French colleagues. As part of a three-pronged supportive effort during the Téléthon week, they organized internal fundraising events, including delicious bake sales and a typically French crepe party. They even held a refurbished furniture auction, adding an impressive $5,000 to the funds.

They also contributed to this sum an additional $67,000 from donations coming from a national sales event in one single week in December. In the name of PPG, 4% of turnover for any order on PPG paint greater than three 15-liter cans was donated to AFM-Téléthon.

It took months of planning and organization across multiple departments and sites and demonstrated exactly what it means to be One PPG and fulfill The PPG Way.
Pascal Tisseyre

Bringing Joy to Sick Children

During the three-pronged initiative, every one of our French colleagues showed how their contribution could make a significant difference. We are not alone in saluting their united efforts. Both the hospital administrators and AFM-Téléthon officials were also moved by them.

You are a key player in this success of our Téléthon, and I thank you for it, both for your contribution to the fundraising and for the joy you bring to sick children.
Christian Cottet
PPG is very proud to be supporting the Téléthon, and this allows us to apply our mission to protect and beautify the world practically. The mobilization of our PPG teams and the warm welcome we received in all the hospitals exceeded our expectations. This reflects our commitment to the AFM-Téléthon’s aim of advancing research and our own Colorful Communities program in improving environments for patients.
Pascal Tisseyre

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